Damon® Smile FAQs

Your doctor takes into account a number of factors when creating your treatment plan that meets Alberta's standard of care.

Are today's braces harsh or unsafe to the teeth?

No, very light-shape memory-titanium wires are used to gently guide your teeth to their ideal position.

Will my teeth hurt after adjustments?

While braces of any kind may cause slight discomfort, every patient's experience with the Damon System braces is unique to them.

Aren't braces big and bulky?

Not any more! Braces are much smaller than they were just a few years ago, and new materials are now used that make them very discreet. Damon System braces have a low profile, so you might forget you're even wearing them!

What about adult treatment?

People of all ages should be proud of their smile. Adults can be treated and accommodated just as with any age and most importantly, with a result to match.

How much does the Damon System treatment cost?

We know that cost is a big question for anyone considering braces. The truth is, only your doctor can determine the cost for your specific treatment. Damon System braces are usually similar to the cost of traditional braces.

Does insurance cover Damon System treatment?

Because medical benefits differ significantly from policy to policy, you should review your policy coverage. If you have orthodontic coverage, Damon System braces are covered to the same extent as regular braces.

What payment options are available?

Most doctors will help you find options to make your treatment affordable. Many offices offer flexible and affordable monthly payment plans, many with no down payment and no interest, making it easier for you to get the treatment or procedures you want and need.

*Each and every patient is an individual and therefore individual results may vary. Drs. Halpern, Wolk and Hoffman do not necessarily subscribe to the treatment claims made by the orthodontic manufacturers.

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