About Our Doctors

Having practiced together for more than 40 years, Drs. Barry Hoffman and Ron Wolk have committed their careers to the specialty of Orthodontics with a goal of creating straight teeth, healthy bites, and smiling patients.  With Dr. Halpern, they share a practice philosophy that every patient matters, and a strong desire to give back to their community.

Most of all, Drs. Halpern, Wolk and Hoffman are passionate about orthodontics and want to improve the lives of the people around them, one smile at a time.

Drs. Hoffman and Wolk met in graduate school at the University of Minnesota and have worked together in the Calgary area ever since. While at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Wolk invited Dr. Halpern to join the practice to help meet the growing needs of their patients.  All three doctors have trust and respect for each other that extends into every facet of their practice and every person they employ.  Their staff members are also committed to patient centered care and a shared dedication to the health and happiness of their patients.

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